Her my voice to premiere at the 29th Raindance Film Festival 2021

LATEST I am proud to announce that my latest short film 
Her my voice is to premiere at the 29th RAINDANCE International film festival 2021

Her my voice has also been selected at the #HealOneWorld 12th Awareness International film festival 2021 and will also screen in the USA

Los Angeles at the famous REGAL LA LIVE cinema.

Her My Voice has also been selected at the 17th manchester Kino Film Festival 2021 at the Prestigious Chapeltown Picture House in Manchester.

congratulations to the entire team in Pakistan & the Uk

Her my voice 
A short documentary/drama based in the little known world of a dancing woman. Set in the vibrant city of Lahore “Her My Voice” tells the emotional story of Komal. A deaf mute transsexual, as she reconnects with her father after he suddenly falls ill leading to a stroke. 

Aneel filmmaker 




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