Boot Polish (2007)

boot polish 2007boot polishBoot Polish stillBoot Polish 15 Minutes 2007 (UKFC North West Vision)


‘Poor People are allowed to have the same dreams as anyone else.’ Boot Polish is a magical short film about a shoe shine boy Babar who becomes emotionally involved with a courtesan.

Year 2007
Type of film Shorts
Running Time 15 mins
Format HiDef
Director Aneel Ahmad
Producer Aneel Ahmad, Kelly Broad
Co-Producer Eleanor Ford
Associate Producer Andrea Farrena
Editor Aneel Ahmad
Screenwriter Aneel Ahmad
Director of Photography Nouman Younis, Ian Burton
Sound Jemshaid Ashraf
Music Sohail Salamat Principal
Cast Preeya Chutki
Associate Production Iftikhar U-Din

In 2007 Aneel Ahmad & his film Boot Polish were shortlisted top 20 finalists, for one of the worlds most prestigious Incircle Grant Schemes at the Abu Dhabi Middle East Film Festival
Winner Best cinematography award for the short film category at the (BET) Black Entertainment Television BFM Festival (2007)

Boot Polish preserved for the nation by the British Film Institute for national archive (2008)
Winner of Best foreign film at the Route 66 film festival in the USA (2008)
Winner of a gold medal for excellence in music short film award 2008 5th Annual Park City Music Festival held in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah USA (2008)


Hello, Aneel, Hope all the best for your movie.
Your Friend.
QT (QUENTIN TARANTINO Movie Director Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs)

Dear Aneel, Thank you for sending me BOOT POLISH. I was deeply impressed by the high level of skill that went into making it. It is a very moving film, distressing and at the same time life affirming. You clearly have a great future as a film maker

Yours sincerely Gerald Kaufman
(The Rt. Hon Sir Gerald Kaufman M.P/ House Of Commons) (97 -05) Chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee

Hi Aneel, Total respect! Wonderful film, love your politics. You are one of the very few film makers addressing the important issues in this world. Now for the Feature

Yousaf Yousaf Ali Khan (Writer/Director) TALKING WITH ANGELS
Bafta Nominated Shorts Skin Deep, Talking with Angels

Dear Aneel, Many congratulations, this film is a superb achievement. I hope it’s everything you wanted it to be and more. I am really delighted to see how you’ve progressed this project without any hesitation or distraction from your path you’ve really got what it takes to be what you want to be, and Im glad that you know it. I’ve seen a lot of people come through these offices trying to make films, some have succeeded and some have not but I can tell you that I dont think any of them had the spirit and passion for film and people that you have. Its a real shame you never met Ismail he would have understood you. Boot Polish is beautifully acted and the photography is superb, I’m pleased youve got this made. Nice one
Ben Spencer (Associate Producer)

(Oscar/Bafta winning films Remains of the Day, A Room with a View, Howards End, White Countess) Merchant Ivory Productions Limited Ismail Merchant (5th Dec 1936 25 May 2005)

Hi Aneel, Watched it last night, Mazeltov! It’s beautiful. Congratulations on realising your vision. A real labour of love. I liked the delicate and oblique storytelling; it’s sort of restrained but deeply romantic and passionately felt. Terrific performances. Some stunning images. Well done. Be proud.
Paul Morrison Oscar Nominated Award winning films
Solomon and Gaenor, Wondrous Oblivion APT FILMS

Hi Aneel, Great to see you developing your art. Re Boot Polish. Loved the way that you told a simple story through imagery that was full of passionate intensity, and that managed to encompass both the mundanity of poverty and the romanticism of love in the same piece. A real piece of cinematic short film making, Would love to see it on the big screen. And roll on the feature.
All the best, Andy

Andy Porter ( Bafta Oscar Nominated – Film Producer) Project
Director – Hi8us South

Dear Aneel “I first came across Aneel a few years ago. I was on a panel at a Drama Conference and a young man in the audience (Aneel of course) let us know in no uncertain terms that we were a ‘bunch of tossers’ who failed to recognise his talent and his individual voice – and you know, he was right! Thanks for letting me see BOOT POLISH – knowing how long this project has been your passion. It is a real
achievement. Congratulations – BOOT POLISH is an impressive and humane work”
With very best wishes
Ruth Caleb (Multi Bafta Winning Film Producer/Executive Producer) Drama Production & BBC Films BBC Vision Studios

Dear Aneel, Thanks so much for letting us have a look at your short Boot Polish. You’ve done an incredible job and produced a strong, visually arresting piece, congratulations!
Again, well done. Kind regards,

David Chikwe Development Assistant Ruby Films
(Alison Owen Oscar/Bafta Winning Producer Elizabeth, Sylvia, Proof)

Dear Aneel, Boot Polish is a real achievement – it definitely has the look of a short three or four times the budget. There is a brooding beauty to many of the shots which builds a sense of impending doom. It certainly has different and bigger ambitions from many of the shorts being made in the UK. At times the short has real power, though I found a few moments where the weight of symbolism and statement of the connection between the story of the boy and the young woman felt somewhat heavy-handed. For example, her watchin him being beaten in the street and then reprimanded herself by the madam; him spying on her whirling and dancing like a trapped bird. This is of course partly a question of storytelling tradition and partly a matter of taste but for me the film often worked best in its quieter more intimate moments. Nevertheless its a bold film and I would be interested to know what you are going to do next? Will you explore pushing this style of storytelling further or turning your attention again to something totally different? with best regards Peter
Peter Carlton Channel 4/FILM4 ( Multi Bafta/Oscar winning company
-Senior Executive Commissioner Slumdog Millionare)

Hi Aneel, You are extremely tenacious and therefore will find success. Very best wishes,
Elisabeth Murdoch
Chairman and CEO of Shine Limited (Multi Award Winning Production company)

Dear Aneel, It’s so heartening to see a little piece of poetry like this come out of the UK. Aneel Ahmad deftly draws together the threads of two young lives connected chiefly by their enslavement to poverty, to tell a bittersweet tale of hope and disillusionment. The narrative subsists on nuance and fleeting, elliptical moments from these converging destinies. But it’s the combination of imagery, by turns brutal and soaring, together with the underlying thematic power, which make this such a deeply emotional film. An impressive achievement. Speak soon Fiona

Fiona Howe Producer (Scenario Films, UK)

Caro Aneel Il corto (Boot Polish) mi è piaciuto molto, fatto benissimo, tecnicamnete perfetto, e molto poetico. complimenti Aneel

(ENGLISH) Dear Aneel I liked the short (Boot Polish) very much, it’s very well done, technically perfect, very poetic. Compliments to you Aneel. Ciao Daniele Segre
Daniele Segre Production Manager TORINO Film Commission (ITALY)

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