Boy in the Tree (2011)

BOY IN THE TREE 14 minutes 2011


The Boy in the Tree is a short film about people’s desires and how people strive to achieve those desires under adverse circumstances.
‘Raise yourself to such heights of greatness, that before he decides your fate, God, himself will ask you, “What is your wish?”, from Khudi (The Self) by Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Details Year 2011
Type of film Shorts
Running Time: 14 mins
Original Format: HDV
Year of Production: 2011
Principal Cast: Haider, Fakhir
Director: Aneel Ahmad
Producer: Aneel Ahmad
Executive Producers: Jaleel Ahmad, Dr Naseer Baig
Sound design/Foley editor: Andrew Munro
Editor/Sound: Aneel Ahmad
Screenwriter: Raees Mahmood Khan
Director of Photography: Aneel Ahmad
Music: Sohail Salamat, Jahid Samed

BOY IN TREE was long listed for a (BAFTA) British Academy of Film and Television Arts For Best short film award in 2012
Winner of Best Humanitarian Short Film Award – Annual Accolade Awards 2012
Winner RNC Special Jury Grand Prix Award Rouen France 2012



Aneel Ahmad illustrates the true spirit of independent filmmaking with Boy In A Tree and ably demonstrates that he is one to watch. The very best, Elliot.

Founder Raindance Film Festival and The British Independent Film Awards

Hi Aneel, congratulations on winning the RNC special jury prize for “Boy in the Tree” well done!
I loved the short film! Pakistan should watch it. Best of luck. Sharmeen

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy Oscar & Emmy Award Winning documentary director

Oscar Winning Short Documentary Saving Face

Hi Aneel, I have just recently got to view your latest project and I really liked you ‘Boy In The Tree’ short film. Good luck and all the very best. Cheers James.

Oscar Nominated & Multi Award Winning documentary director
Iraq In fragments, Saris Mother, Gaza Strip, Portrait of Boy with Dog

I just saw ‘Boy in the Tree’ Well done good work Aneel, a well shot and directed film. Very well made and put together. Not easy shooting in Lahore, especially working with children. keep up the good work! AK

BAFTA & Multi Award Winning Director
Senna, The Warrior, Far North, Sheep Thief

Aneel, It is great to see how you have progressed to a respectful, mature, intelligent filmmaker. “Boy in the Tree” is moving, beautiful, cinematographic and a thoughtful film that carries you on a simple journey in the day of a young boy’s life. Reminded me somewhat of watching a scene from Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Le Sacrifice”. In fact, I am going to dig out of my collection the film and watch it this weekend ! I look forward to your next film. Please keep in touch with me.

Festival Director for The Kino Manchester European Short Film Festival

Aneel Ahmad’s new film ‘Boy in the Tree’ is about a young boy living in extreme poverty in Lahore, Pakistan. It tells, without looking for sympathy for him, of his deprivation and his resilience. This is his life – hard work, no schooling, only basic food – and he lives it to the best of his ability and without complaining. As in all the best films, technique is subordinate to subject-matter, but the technique is masterly, in use of locations, acting, colour and editing. A must-see for all who care about humanity and about cinema. It is beautiful, congratulations.

M.P/ House Of Commons (1997 -2005 Chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee )

I just watched Boy in a Tree – It’s got a very nice feel, the ‘Boy In The Tree’ is ridiculously beautiful as is the message. In the West we don’t really know the value of things because there are so many things to be had. But sacrifice and giving are the message here and it flows past any cultural boundary and fills you up. It just shows meaningful films can be made convincingly on any budget when the commitment is there. Hats off Aneel.

TERRY FLAXTON Cinematographer
Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol, Digital Cinematography

Hi Aneel, Congratulations for winning the award. Well deserved. Boy in the Tree is A lovely film. Simple, poetic, understated. I will definitely keep in touch; people with such spirit, enthusiasm and talent are quite rare… Have fun. Michael

Oscar shortlisted and Bafta Longlisted film Love at First Sight.

Hi Aneel, I finally got the time to watch Boy In The Tree.

‘Boy In The Tree is a beautifully constructed and poetic film. Such altruism is so humbling. The simplicity and purity with which the message is conveyed is so strong and moving and it goes without saying, technically utterly professional in its execution. Well done Aneel!”

NAINITA DESAI Multi Award Winning Music Composer
Oscar Nominated Musician for the short The Little Terrorist

More press to follow ….

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