Iqbal Documentary/Drama (2019)

“I am Javid Iqbal, killer of 100 boys. I could have killed 500, this was not a problem. I wanted 100 mothers to cry for their children.”


Format 1080p HD

Running Time: 5 minutes

Produced by aneel ahmad

Written by aneel ahmad

Directed by aneel ahmad

Production assistants: Iftikhar Ud-Din, Rizwhan Elahi


Iqbal is a short documentary/drama, based on interviews and eyewitness accounts, on the serial killer Javid Iqbal who murdered over 100 children in the early 1990s Lahore Pakistan.

Iqbal Semi Finalist Best Director Aphrodite Film Awards 2019

Iqbal Winner Best Foreign Language Short Film 2019 Cardiff International Film Festival 2019

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