Raksha Sawari Rickshaw Passenger 2015

RAKSHA SAWARI (Rickshaw Passenger)

Raksha Sawari

The Raksha Sawari a short film by aneel ahmad (coming soon) Imtiaz a Raksha driver, gives a ride to Tameena, a hotel call girl, and begins waiting for her daily; he falls in love with her and is trying to rescue her from the horrors of poverty and prostitution.

Original Format: HDV
Year of Production: 2015
Running Time: 15 Minutes
Director: aneel ahmad
Producer: aneel ahmad
Written by: aneel ahmad
Music by: Nainita Desai & Javier Blanco
Sound Mix: Andrew Munro




Paper Collectors tells the story of people, their desires, their wants and more importantly, their needs; a story that transcends national and cultural boundaries.

The story follows Bilal

Bilal is young boy with the weight of family responsibility bearing down on his shoulders. With a sick mother and a young sister, he is the sole breadwinner of the family. Earning a pittance on the streets of Pakistan, Bilal collects scraps of paper from the streets, turning it in for a measly few paisas, not even enough to fill he tiny family’s empty stomachs, and his sisters burning desire for the latest children’s toy.

Until one day, whilst contemplating his pittance of an earning, Bilal is handed Rs.100 from a passing business man. His mind in a daze and desperately wanting to fulfil his sister’s dream, no matter how rash, Bilal rushes home with the note tightly clutched in his fist.

Taking his sister to the market to buy her the toy, she sees the poverty that grips her town and her people, she has a decision to make, live for a day, or survive for life.

A short film by aneel ahmad
Original Format: HDV
Year of Production: (Post production)
Running Time: 10 Minutes
Director: aneel ahmad
Producer: aneel ahmad
Cinematography by: aneel ahmad
Edited by: aneel ahmad
Story by: aneel ahmad
Written by: Raees Mahmood Khan
Music by: Nainita Desai
Sound Mix by: Andrew Munro

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