Waiting For Sunrise (2005)

Waiting for Sunrise 6 mins 2005 (North West Vision/UKFC)


Lahore with its collection of people becomes a character for this short documentary. The children of Lahore all have their individual lives and dreams like us all, but are burdened with extreme poverty. Waiting for Sunrise deals with the poor and dispossessed – and really the poorest of the poor in Pakistani (urban) society.

Year 2005
Type of film Shorts
Running Time 6 mins
Format DigiBeta
Director Aneel Ahmad
Producer Aneel Ahmad
Executive Producers Shahzad Irshad, Jaleel Ahmad
Editors Jemshaid Ashraf, Aneel Ahmad
Director of Photography Ashiq Mirza
Sound Nouman Younas, M. Nadeem, Rashid Ishiaq
Music Keith Holden, Sohail Salamat
Production Co-ordinators Iftikhar ud Din, Eshan Saeed, Hussein Mamoo
Dialect Coach Hussein Mamoo

Short-listed for the Grierson Awards for documentary (2006)
Winner of The United Nations UNICEF UK AWARD Best Documentary (2005)
Waiting for Sunrise preserved for the nation by the British Film Institute for national archive (2008)


Dear Aneel, “Waiting For Sunrise” is a professionally executed documentary which communicates the problems and suffering of these brave children in an extremely powerful way. Film-makers like yourself are very important to our industry, bringing to light situations and people often hidden from the
world. We wish you every success and luck with this documentary and all your future
Best Wishes, Ridley Scott

Natascha Maksimovic
Assistant to Sir Ridley Scott (Oscar/Multi Bafta Winning Films) Blade Runner, Alien, Gladiator, Thelma & Louise, Kingdom of Heaven

Dear Aneel, Waiting for Sunrise – was incredibly powerful and effective. It was a brave attempt to highlight a delicate subject, which is never easy but I felt it had the right balance of fact and emotion. It was hard-hitting and to the point. Thanks again for letting us see your films. Good luck with all your future projects.
Best Abbie Browne Assistant to Mike Leigh
Thin Man Productions ltd
Mike Leigh Film-maker Oscar/ Multi BAFTA winning Films
Vera Drake, Topsy Turvy, Secrets & Lies, Naked, A Sense of History

Dear Aneel, Thank you very much for sending me the film which I have viewed. It is a fantastic film. ‘This is a very powerful and moving film which communicates the close up reality of poverty very effectively. It encourages us to redouble our efforts to help create a better world through better communication.’ Well done Regards, Adrian
Adrian Hosford Former Director, BT Corporate Responsibility Social & Local

Aneel, I watched ‘Waiting for Sunrise’ – powerful content, it leaves its mark and I agree that it cries out for a longer documentary. I congratulate you on your tenacity and passion to make this project a reality. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavor.
Regards Simon
Simon Hewlett (Twentieth Century Fox – Managing Director uk)

Dear Aneel Ahmad, Waiting for Sunrise: The filming in Lahore was very well done. It’s a very disturbing subject and some of your images are hard to take — but it’s a raw and effective piece in its short length. I don’t think it should be longer. It’s succinct, makes it’s point and I’m not sure it would work in a longer form. In short, keep going. You’re a long way from getting where you want to be. I wish you well.
Best, Alan Parker
Sir Alan Parker Writer/Producer/Director. Oscar/ Multi BAFTA winning Films
Bugsy Malone, The Wall (Pink Floyd), Angel Heart, Mississippi Burning, The Commitments, Evita.

Dear Aneel, There are many films made each year but few address such poignant issues as your film does. Your film is one of those rare achievements that make you stop, think and assess what you are doing in this world. In 6 minutes you achieve more than many in 60 minutes. Waiting For Sunrise gives a voice to the dispossessed and abused poor of this world; a voice we all need not only to listen to but also to act on. I hope and am sure I will see more ‘films of conscience’ from you. Yousaf
Talking With Angels Yousaf Ali Khan Writer/Director

Dear Aneel, Thank you so much for sending WAITING FOR SUNRISE. I found it very moving and extremely thought-provoking. This is such a topical area and there is obviously plenty of material here for an important documentary. I very much hope you get the support you deserve to pursue this. Congratulations on your achievement so far, and I wish you the best of luck with it. Kind regards,
Development Executive Amelia Granger Working Title Films

Dear Aneel, Waiting for Sunrise is a powerful and moving piece that holds great potential for a longer documentary. Congratulations on a successful film and we wish you the best of luck with all your future endeavours.

Kind Regards Hannah Farrell
Development Coordinator
Rachael Prior Development executive WT2
Ruby Films, Working Title Film (Multi Bafta winning films) Four weddings and a Funeral, Shawn of the Dead, Bridget Jone’s Diary, Johnny English

Dear Aneel, Waiting for Sunrise’s 6 minutes, are very hard to watch – Its portrayal of the brutality of poverty being poignantly achieved. I wish you every success in continuing to make films of conscience and applaud your dedication to find the means to do so.
Best wishes,
Timothy Bricknell/ Executive Producer

Associate Producer (Oscar winning film COLD MOUNTAIN) Mirage Enterprises

Dear Aneel, Your film is a courageous effort to convey something of the horror ofpoverty that is so close to all of us and which most of us desperately try to ignore. I wish you more success in making films of passion.
Best wishes, Ben Spencer Producer
(Oscar/Bafta winning films Remains of the Day, A Room with a View, Howards End.
Merchant Ivory Productions Limited

Aneel, Thank you for sending me your documentary Waiting For Sunrise.

Your short is very powerful and impactful. You must be very proud of it. Best regards Stewart Till

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer United International Pictures

Dear Aneel, It’s a splendid six minute short. It’s moving and effectively shows the plight of these young street kids. I’d have thought that you have the material here for a strong documentary. Good luck.

With very best wishes
Ruth Caleb (Feature Film Bullet Boy) Exec/Producer BBC FILMS

Dear Aneel, This is a tough, ambitious, and surprisingly beautiful piece of work, which gives a measured insight into a disturbing and violent place. Its restraint adds to the power of its material, and its contributors speak to us in authentic and unvarnished tones, but also with dignity. The film maintains respect for its protagonists, even while it exposes he horror of these children’s lives.

Best Karen Johnson
BBC Television Executive Editor, Children’s Education

Dear Aneel, “I applaud your passion for your subject and your courage, enterprise and persistence in shining a spotlight on this incredibly important subject”.
All best, Leslee

Leslee Udwin Film Producer (BAFTA winning Feature Film East is East, West Is West) Assassin Films

Aneel, It is clear from your ability to make and publicise your documentary with such a tight budget, that your passion to tell what some people would prefer to ignore, is fired by both strong self motivation and also compassion. Well done & I wish you much success in the future.

Best Robert Bray – ( Oscar winning short film WASP )
Executive Producer/ Managing Director Cowboy Films

Dear Aneel, Waiting For Sunrise is a very strong film. Capturing the pain of poverty and how harshly it affects the young both physically and psychologically. I hope this is your springboard to make the drama your concerns, commitment and imagination deserves.

Good Luck Jonnie Turpie
(C4 Series BOLLYWOOD STAR) Executive Chairman Maverick Television

Hi Aneel, Managed to see 6 minute version and I think it’s very moving, really well filmed and an exceptionally important piece of work. Waiting for sunrise is an incredibly important piece of work. It is tremendously moving and beautifully shot. Aneel has found the poetry in poverty and made a film which gives it’s contributors a voice and a sense of dignity. This is a film that all the spoilt Western kids should watch and realise just how fortunate they are.

Warm wishes Natasha

Natasha Carlish (BAFTA winning short film Brown Paper Bag)

Hi Aneel, ” You have treated some very difficult subject matter in a very visual way. There are some beautiful shots in this film and the passion the filmmaker has for his subject comes through.”

Alice Morrison

Hi Aneel, I found ‘Waiting for Sunrise’ really powerful. A difficult subject handled with sensitivity and integrity. The film was of a quality that belies its low budget. A serious piece of filmaking. Its emotional temperature seemed right for a subject that could be sensationalised or sentimentalised. It had integrity, and politics. Well done

Andy Porter
Company Director/Executive Producer (OSCAR nominated film Solomon and Gaenor)
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