Emmott & Rowland 2017

Emmott & Rowland A Short film by aneel ahead

18320620_951855544917589_6140415007626899068_oEMMOTT & ROWLAND 1665/666 Plague A film by aneel ahmad
Original Format: 4K
Year of Production: 2017
Running Time: 15
Director: aneel ahmad
Producer: aneel ahmad
Co-written: aneel ahmad & Tim Warburton, Raees M Khan
Music: Mark T Payne
Director Of Photography: aneel ahmad
Colour Grade/Graphics: Aatif Zafar
Sound Design/Mix Anthony Minshull
Editor/Sound: aneel ahmad

Principal Cast: Grace Day, Edward Darling, Tim Warburton, Lynn Jackson, Peter Jackson, Jill Neves, Kate Stewart, Rector Mike Gilbert

Saskia Stuart
Andrew Hoult
Annette Bindon
Nicola Wright
Mary Oddy
John Davies
Joan Plant
Sarah Day
Lynn Innes
Shelley Dale
India Dale
Merlyn Wiles
Tom Burscough
Lynn Burscough
Ellen Burscough
Izzie O’Connell
Bea O’Connell
Nellie Cocker
Florence Cocker

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