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A Short Political Drama based on Terrorism & Media CHECKPOST

Three lives that will never be the same again. Three lives wounded by one bullet. On a remote highway in Pakistan, the sandy roadside reverberates with the sound of a sudden gunshot. A lone film crew instinctively hits the ground. As they scramble to their feet, dusting off their western attire, they notice one member of their troupe remains on the roadside, holding his stomach.

Elsewhere, Roshan Khan and his son Sheikhu make their way across Pakistan making a routine delivery. From the moment the golden shell tore into British documentary filmmaker Shahid Elahi, a chain of International events were initiated.

Checkpost was long listed for a #BAFTA BAFTA British Academy of Film and Television Arts For Best short film. and acquired for the nation by the British Film Institute for national archive.

Musician Nainita Desai was also nominated for the Best Original Composition/ Short film Score Award at the Music + Sound Awards

Type of film: Shorts
Running Time: 12 mins
Format: HD
Director: Aneel Ahmad
Producer: Aneel Ahmad
Editor: Aneel Ahmad
Screenwriter: Raees Mahmood Khan
Story: Aneel Ahmad
Director of Photography: Aneel Ahmad
Sound: Andrew Munro
Music: Nainita Desai
Principal Cast: Manjinder Virk, Phil Gwilliam, Mohammad Haroon, Ibrahim Khan, Abbas Khan Kavita Channe Kavita Channe

#film #television #media #shortfilm #drama #documentary


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