In The Land Of The Sighted, The Two Eyed Man Is Blind (TBA)

In The Land Of The Sighted, The Two Eyed Man Is Blind


Have you ever had one of those days of reflection, when you were really made up for other peoples personal lives, because they seemed to be really joyful and content, full of love and happiness (And in the most honourable way, you are genuinely very happy for them) Yet it makes you reflect upon your own personal life… And their joy reminds you of all the mistakes you have made and all the misfortunes that have been bestowed upon you. Makes you rather sad? Yet you smile and pretend!!! You portray to the world that nothing can hurt you. You lie to the word that everything is ok and you even lie to yourself that you are happy. Well this is the story of AJAY SHARMA… the truth is not what it always seems- (Staring Amit Ghose) Take a bow, the show must go on…. your audience awaits you! – A fictional short film by aneel ahmad Coming Soon 2014

Original Format: HD
Year of Production: 2014 (In Pre-Production)
Running Time: 12 Minutes
Director: aneel ahmad
Producer: aneel ahmad
Story by: aneel ahmad
Written by: Raees Mahmood Khan
Staring Amit Ghose

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