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PUBLIC COMMENTS/ Reviews for ‘Boy In The Tree’
2011 A short film by aneel ahmad Films

We would like to thank you all for the heartfelt comments for ‘Boy In The Tree’ By showing our appreciation. We will post your comments on here in no particular order.

Thank you for supporting and watching our short film ‘Boy In The Tree’ by aneel ahmad
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I just recently got a chance to view ‘Boy In The Tree’. Wow, now I wasn’t expecting that at all. It was a really amazing short film. I totally agree with other comments, it reminded me of the way ‘Andrei Tarkovsky’ created his films. Congratulations Aneel, you really are a gifted film director. The story was perfect, brilliantly crafted and the cinematography and attention too detail was excellent. This film showed the stark reality that so many poor people face in Pakistan. It shows the authentic side, using real people and real stories. Not once did the film portray its protagonists in an inhumane way. A perfect short. Well done and congratulations. (UK)

Hi I just recently got the chance to watched ‘Boy In The Tree’ I thoroughly enjoyed Boy In The Tree: athought-provoking journey through the day in the life of a young boy. Beautifully produced and directed by Aneel Ahmad. Effectively conveying a powerful message of love, family and survival. (USA)

Hi Aneel ‘Boy in the Tree’ is a simple story that paints in broad strokes and with deep colors. In this film Aneel Ahmad has mastered the art of non verbal expression by documenting the life of a young impoverished boy with a big dream and the drive to make it happen. Through his creative expression it is obvious that Aneel Ahmad has a heart for the less fortunate and it reflects not only in the storytelling but in every aspect of his shooting to the editing to his choices in sound tracks. I personally love this film because it is not only renders an insightful look into the painfully perplexing and insecure world of living in poverty but it will touch the heart strings of all who have ever struggled to celebrate their dreams. (USA)

I just saw Boy In The Tree. This movie really touched my feelings and all parts of the movie made me cry. I am crying especially when they were eating food and the boy can’t go to school. Your film Aneel touched my heart because it shows a family that is extremely poor, and I teach children who don’t have fathers or mothers, also there are many people in my school where I teach that live in poverty. Boy In The Tree reminds me when I was a child and I miss my father now…. There are still many people who are less fortunate in the world, everyone should watch and take a lesson. Aneel…. I am very very very proud of you for making this short film (INDONESIA)

Congratulations Aneel, wow I am mesmerizedโ€ฆ..really enjoyed watching the film โ€œBoy in the Tree. You have done so well in giving the message that of Selflessness and Hope through this film. Each of the frames i.e. selection of the village, showing the street, shops, the house and those close ups of things inside the house, the natural landscape, all the characters and the background music are in such harmony and have a flow as the film goes on. Its amazing how in a short 15 min duration you have made the audience go through so many different emotions; Sadness, seeing poverty that is real and these people are actually living in every day, the despair and struggle the family is going through, of hope and selflessness of the boy collecting money just to be able to buy books for his brother and being so happy for him. This film shows what a good storyteller and good director you have become along with having such a good team working together. We the audiences are looking forward to seeing many more such wonderful films in the future. A job well done and keep up the good work!!! (CANADA)

Wow Aneel I just saw ‘Boy In The Tree’ totally memerised by this short film so beautifully shot I wish I could talk about for longer ….I wanted to see more…so real and raw….the film speaks for it self….the acting’s so real we forget what the reality is thank you for allowing me to watch boy in the tree. Lets be thankful to the almighty that’s how I feel right now! (UK)

Boy in the Tree – The Asian reality differ from central European but thanks to the film, the clash of elsewhere environment, truth, emotionality and mentality becomes a root of very same nature of human being and sense of perception the world. The same world, same people, same problems just different dimension. I don’t know much of film making but I can appreciate art, music, and given soul from the filmmakers to the image. God, you are some Man, Aneel ๐Ÿ™‚ – (POLAND)

I just watched your short film boy in a tree and although there was no dialogue it is a very touching movie and the story is clear. I have always been a fan of your work and this has given me more reason to love your work more. Had to control the tears when the boy gives his brother the books as a gift. He clearly looks after him, more than himself, (you can tell that by how they are both dressed) Moved to tears Aneel. I just can’t express my feelings right because i am emotional. Loved the movie it is afantastic piece of work and you should be proud (UK)

A beautiful piece of filmmaking Aneel, loved the photography, direction, sound, music editing and how you made a poverty stricken location look so lovely. Your message of hope is very uplifting. (USA)

Brilliant. I am speechless! What a brilliant storyline and it kept me hooked till the end. Highly recommend to watch! Keep up the great work Aneel Ahmad! I will be looking forward to your next movie!! (UK)

I just watched “boy in the tree”, what can i say: hats off to Aneel. what an amazing piece of work, a simple story told with fantastic visuals. it was like Dario Mitidieri (Children of Bombay) meets sergio leone. (UK)

Aneel this is a beautiful movie! A must see for everyone living in the western world. When I first started to watch this movie, I became enthralled instantly. Visually, stunning aesthetically and atmospherically this short does not disappoint. Not only is the story simple and very emotional in parts, it should be noted that the pacing and execution is perfect. ‘Boy In The Tree’ sparks a lot of questions.. Poverty, education, the value for life, morals and sacrifice itself. It presents us the biggest question ‘Humanity’ and we should never take our lives for granted. Beautiful Well done. (USA)

Very touching.. end scene/atmosphere/imagery is beautiful. well produced – well done you : ) xxxx (UK)

‘Boy in the Tree’. Well done Aneel. This film carries the sort of extreme realism you can only associate with foreign cinema. It’s realistic in the sense that the characters ‘children’ are involved in the scenes emotionally and the film kind of pauses to compensate the revelation of those emotions beautifully. The attention to that sort of detail frequently demands artistic labeling: love, poverty goodness, sacrifice. The lack of dialog is compensated with wonderful music, environmental sounds, stunning visual landscapes and the close ups of expressive faces. Each one of the fragments of this film is mesmerizing and of increasing beauty. A beautiful film, a breath of fresh air. A must see. (USA)

I just watched ‘Boy In The Tree’ It’s an amazing film. I loved it… wow brilliant film Aneel great camera work, great story, very powerful, loved it, the boy in the film does a great job. I loved the way everywhere (Locations) looked so beautiful even though you knew the film was about Poverty. It’s an amazing powerful film loved it. (UK)

Brilliant. Boy In The Tree is a short film that depicts the despair and hardship that many people face in South Asian countries, specifically families from poor villages. Ahmads film reminded me of the Italian neo-realist film movement which began around the end of WWII. Lahore is the location for Boy In The Tree. Ahmad shoots the city cinematically and beautifully with non-professional actors to get a simple, yet unbearingly emotional point across. A simple thing such as books and reading can be someone’s entire world at that time and helping his younger brother means doing something perhaps necessary. While the brilliant score adds basic emotional elements, everything else on the screen is done to such a pitch of neo-realism it’s at times sad, (Father scene in the room) joyful and with a feeling of day to day resonance to those who may have not even felt at or below the poverty level in their lives. Overall, the film is about life and hope. the fact that this film provides such a clear and honest representation of so many facts of life is what makes it an undeniable brilliant short film! Well done and congratulations. (ITALY)

Very emotional. Boy in the Tree is a beautiful movie in the sense it revolves around a young boys sacrifice, love and hope, towards helping his younger brother going to school. The story and feelings are developed nicely without too much distraction from the more artistic qualities the movie so wonderfully carries. This is a focused picturesque movie. There are some really emotional and beautiful scenes of hope in the middle. Only the most serious and talented film-makers can get away with creating such a cinematic short movie such as this. Well done (USA)

Well done Aneel. I enjoyed this feel immensely. From the photography, music, through to the wonderful richness of the characters and storyline. The children are absolutely charming, natural and believable, and the locations stunningly beautiful. Not a frame was wasted. Really well done x (UK)

Wow Aneel… I knew this would be powerful… But “WOW”… Such amazing cinematography… The lovely nature and then the poverty… The boy in the tree is gut wrenching… I Love It When He Smiles!!!!!!! The selflessness is such a lesson to… us all. The shots of the transparent curtain and the silhouette drinking the water… sparing what little water they have… The hippos (water buffalo???) so powerful… Just everything shot so profoundly for those who need to see the reality of what’s really going on in the world… I want to watch it over and over again… Super Job Beautiful Man!!!!!!! I just love you to pieces!!!!!!!! Your soul shines so bright… The Western world needs more of your work… Thank You So Much… Love and Peace. Always. (USA)

Aneel congratulations on Boy in the tree. A fantastic achievement. This is by far your best piece of work to date.The cinematography is just beautiful and you have really captured the essence of the films surroundings and combined with the music it is truly a magical little film. (UK)

Just watched Boy in the Tree and I must say you’ve managed to fuse a wonderful and original piece of cinematography with an important social message its not only culturally influenced but universally related as poverty doesn’t prejudice against any particular creed or race it can touch us all no matter which walk of life we originate from. It’s a film that’s not only socially important highlighting the reality of poverty but goes to show it doesn’t take big bucks to deliver a result it only takes an idea and determination in something you believe in! Well done and keep up the good work. (UK)

Aneel, Boy In The Tree is Compelling… Beautiful… Haunting… Inspiring… Refreshing… People will enjoy it… some fresh spirit-air for their soul’s lungs. The camera work is great the music is great WELL DONE ALL the BEST to You (USA)

Boy In The Tree, touches on themes such as poverty, hope and there is some emphasis on religious beliefs and emotional spiritual enlightenment. Beautifully crafted its visual beauty is consoling and at times overwhelming. An exquisite opening and closing sequence allowing us to connect to lives of the impoverished. As the illuminated sunset caressed by the beautiful and haunting score, we sense an ending that is only the beginning. This is a wonderful original, beautiful cinematic film by an amazing director Aneel Ahmad (USA)


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